Dienstag, 2. Oktober 2018

The NYRB and the troubles of political correctness

Accused Sexual Assaulter’s Tale of Ostracism

Should The New York Review of Books have published the essay by a Canadian broadcaster that led to the departure of the publication’s editor?

New York Review of Books Acknowledges ‘Failures’ in a #MeToo Essay

  • This article has been updated to include information about a letter sent to the New York Review of Books on Tuesday by contributors to the magazine saying they found Ian Buruma’s departure as editor “very troubling.” 

    THE NATION did apologize, now the NYRB. Who will be next? The rule of the mob reigns. Even if a court accquits a case, the pure mass of accusers keep it hot and demand obedience - and business follows cowardly.
    As one female wrote in a letter, quoted by by the NYT:
    Sexual harassment and assault are evils, but so is firing an editor for refusing to pass judgment on allegations rejected by a court, or choosing to publish an author who writes not to excuse bad behavior, but rather to describe the effects of a contemporary phenomenon — justice by internet — that is rampant and dangerous.
    Fascism takes many forms, and rough justice by self-selected vigilantes is one of them. I won’t cancel my subscription to The Review, but I am appalled.
    Rita C. Tobin

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