Freitag, 5. Oktober 2018

Brexit ensures thralldom

From Bulldog to Lapdog: Rather Than Liberation, Brexit has Ensured Thralldom

Après nous le déluge
– The capitalist mantra, according to Karl Marx

The peculiarities of nations, good and bad, tend to reflect the temperaments and qualities of their peoples. As Plato remarked, “where else would they have come from?”
– Morris Berman
Britain’s reputation as a country of consequence is long overdue revision. It clings to the global core — as liberals cling to their failing institutions — by flaunting leaky WMDs, acting as the US’s representative within the EU, and being one of the world’s most corrupt financial centres. The last of those is so extreme that the Mafia expert Roberto Saviano has claimed it is numero uno in this shady running.


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