Mittwoch, 11. Juli 2018

Donald, NATO and the upcoming wars

NATO’s Crisis and the Trans-Atlantic Conflict

When the Berlin Wall came down and the Soviet Union dissolved and the Warsaw Pact disappeared, a few of us argued that the appropriate response would be to close down NATO and develop a new all-European peace system and a policy for conflict-handling to replace the predominantly military security thinking that had dominated during the First Cold War.


Today the NATO member states met and surrender under Donald Trumps attacks. 2018 - 1968. What historic date and event is to remember? 1968 Breschnew kissed the Czecho-Slowakian Alexander Dubcek. Shortly afterwards the USSR and her allied Warsaw countries were to invade the CSSR and break down the unwanted politics of the Pargue Spring.

The danger of repetition, this time by the American warmonger Trump, isn't acute at the moment. But forms of war have changed. As the US will destroy Iran not primarily by bombs, as it did in Irak, the economic measures and the instrumentalisations of some oppositional groups will bring the desired results. The goal is – war.

The political pressure put on Germany, especially concerning the direct pipeline from Russia to Germany, will weaken not only Germany but Europe. Trump and his hawks are clearly war oriented. Europe is divided and weak, has no will and vision and gives in. The European Union behaves like the dog who is listening (and obeying) to his master's voice.

Most mass media support the American vision and continue to fabricate fake news and falsifications of historical facts. The goal is – war.

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