Freitag, 16. Juni 2017

Trump’s fascist America

Rethinking 1984 and Brave New World
by Henry A. Giroux
Monthly Review, Volume 69, Issue 01 (May 2017)

Trump’s ascendancy in U.S. politics has made visible a plague of deep seated civic illiteracy, a corrupt political system, and a contempt for reason that has been decades in the making; it also points to the withering of civic attachments, the decline of public life, and the use of violence and fear to shock and numb everyday people. Galvanizing his base of true-believers in post-election rallies, the country witnesses how politics is transformed into a spectacle of fear, divisions, and disinformation. Under President Trump the scourge of twentieth-century fascism has returned as neo-fascism, not only in the menacing plague of populist rallies, fear-mongering, hate, and humiliation, but also in an emboldened culture of war, militarization, and violence that looms over society like a rising storm.

Ein kurzer Ausschnitt aus einem längeren, sehr kritischen Artikel. Lesen Sie hier weiter!

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