Mittwoch, 16. Mai 2018

Confessions of a Jewish Dissident

Confessions of a Jewish Dissident

Abstractly speaking, I should be quite a popular person in the American-Jewish community. I am a dissident. I am also, at a time when the search is on for moderate voices on the Palestine question, a moderate. And I proved my devotion to displaced persons in and out of the Middle East years ago. I have a medal to prove it, from the Haganah—the illegal Jewish army that fought what Prime Minister Begin calls the Jewish war of liberation and established the state of Israel in 1948.
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A short story, 40 years of age. What are 40 years? 30 years earlier the Jewish state of ISRAEL was installed on stolen and conquered land. Nakba. 

Since 70 years we hear and see the very same! Some new figures change while the old ones are engraved in the hearts and brains. Israel has become a matter of unconditional and definitive belief. As the Hitler-Germans with their Führer, the great Hitler, today one has to stand with Israel, strong and absolute, without any (!) question . There is a duty to obey. This law is to be obeyed not only by the former enemies, the Germans, but generally. And it is! Israel, right or wrong, Israel, the eternal Holy Land, the old and new Jeruaselm.

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