Sonntag, 15. April 2018

The Dead Men Society

Old men, experienced, mature and war oriented, orchestrate war, and the masses follow willingly. Quite different to the cultural concept of "Dead Poets Society" they do not indulge in art, but in destruction, annihilation. War is not only a big business. War is the fulfillment of their deep lying drives: to strike, to kill, to conquer, to reign by war.

After the attacks by France, the United Kingdom, and the US against Syria, which were based on the unproven assertions, that the Assad-Regime had employed once again chemical weapons against its own people. In rapid speed the vassals and satelite states of the US acknowledged this "fact" - without questioning the credibility of the power who notoriously used and uses desinformation and fabricated propaganda to cover their actions. The official program is: believe it. Believe it, as we believed the facts about weapons of mass destruction by Saddam Hussein, the most prominent falsity of the US.
If the credibility of the embedded mass media is questioned, the critics are denounced as Anti-semitic war mongers, as stupid American haters, as agents of Moscow. "Lügenpresse" ist wrong by the simple fact that many of the Right or extreme Right share this view. No, the embedded press is right and correct, the tasks of the US are necessary and human, Israel is a democracy and not to be criticized - unless one is an Anti-semite, a Neonazi or agent of Moscow.

This simple world view justifies any action. "Any" includes any form of war. The right is with the power and the power is with the US. Join in or be destroyed, put out of action, of life, of future because the future is with the US. The "friends" of the US are eager to play their part in this war game, especially Great Britain and France. The Germans, these re-educated non-people built by non-persons, leave it by words so far, but underwrite any action in the name of dignity and freedom. They have learned their lessons and have converted into dogs, who listen to their master's voice, and who lick their boots.

If one consults the quality press in Germany or Switzerland, one doesn't finde one critical question oder comment on the maneuver which coins the Western politics. The situation in the UK or US is almost the same; but at least some media show a kind of independence and display criticism.

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