Samstag, 21. Oktober 2017

The dying libraries are converted into wellness zones

"In America, as my university suffered a loss of funding over the years, it was the library that took the worst hit. There was a proposal to charge a fee to use it, in order to help it keep up standards; jobs were cut; hours of operation were reduced. Libraries have closed by the hundreds across the UK, and the US isn’t far behind. But it is not only financial aid our libraries are losing; we are forgetting their literary merit, too."

"Our literary institutions have come to serve an array of purposes that go beyond books. Their foundation is slowly starting to crack. These places can be personal havens for a lot of reasons, but it is through the discovery of reading material, the creation of ideas and the exchange of thought that libraries gain their true value. With the development of digital books and the constant need to make everything more fun, the enjoyment of words on paper has become a lonely and isolated pastime."

Libraries are losing their literary value

They risk becoming hangouts rather than places of discovery.

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