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The biograpy of Ezra Pound by A. David Moody

A. David Moody has delivered the third and final volume of his biography of Ezra Pound:

Ezra Pound: Poet. Vol 1: The Young Genius 1885-1920
by A David Moody,
544pp, Oxford University Press

Ezra Pound: Poet – Volume II, The Epic Years, 1921-1939
by A David Moody
426pp, Oxford University Press

Ezra Pound: Poet: Volume III – The Tragic Years 1939-1972 
by A David Moody,
654 pp, Oxford University Press

These volumes are available in our library!

Il Miglior Fabbro
By CHARLES McGRATHJAN, The New York Times  27, 2008

A Revolutionary Simpleton
A new account of Ezra Pound’s early years reveals his volatile genius—and prefigures the madness that would claim him.
Christopher Hitchens, The Atlantic April 2008

Ezra Pound: Poet – Volume II, The Epic Years, 1921-1939
In this second volume of A David Moody’s biography, the controversial poet, creator of The Cantos, is preoccupied by music and Mussolini
David Trotter, The Guardian, 23 October 2014
Ezra Pound – the fascist years
A review of Ezra Pound: Poet, Volume II: The Epic Years, by A. David Moody. This was also the period in which the controversial poet talked himself into madness
Jack Castle, Spectator 18 Oct. 2014

Pound: poet and political prisoner
A new biography shows us just how brilliant, and dangerous, Ezra Pound was.
Alexander Adams, SPIKED 2 Oct. 2015

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